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BDNA 'Annual Dance'  - All Netball Teams welcome.

Friday 6th September 2019 - 7pm - 11pm
  • Presentation
  • Delicious BBQ Buffet
  • Raffle
  • Photo Booth
Plus Special Guest Su Harrison from Heart Radio

Tickets are 10 pounds and available from Jo Lintott -


Congratulations to Jo Dickson on passing her B award in Umpiring.  Well done Jo!


BSV have revised their booking form and a copy is available on our Downloads Page


A list of courses for 2018/19 in East Essex are on the events page.


Members are reminded that the parking at the Sporting Village is not secure and there have been thefts from cars left in the overflow car park. Please ensure that you do not leave valuables the car that will attract thieves. Any possessions should either be taken with you to the courts or locked away in the boot space.


The new IFNA rule book comes into force on 1st September 2016. The committee have decided that for matches in Basildon the following will apply


Except in cases of serious injury IFNA rule 9.3.1 (ii) will be amended accordingly.

Injury time of up to 60 seconds will be allowed for a player to recover or receive treatment and they will not be required to leave the court. During this period time will be held.  If the injured player requires further time then they must leave the court by the end of the 60 second period and can be either substituted or they can return after a goal has been scored.

Primary Carer

IFNA rule 5.1.2 (ii) shall be amended so that any member of the team bench can be the Primary Carer and need not wear an armband.


In any case where a player is either suspended or ordered off then the umpire must submit a full report in writing to the League Umpiring Secretary setting out the circumstances and reasons for their action.

In the event of a player being suspended on three occasions during the course of a season then they will serve an immediate one match ban and there will be no appeal.

Any player being send off shall be deemed to be in breach of Conditions of Play 11.6 with those penalties applying.


All players and umpires must be affiliated to England Netball before they take part in any Netball activity in the Basildon League. This includes paying the fees due to England.

For information the cost of affiliation is 42.20 which is made up of National 36.00 Regional 1.20 and County 5.00. For anybody over 15 and under 19 on 1st September the rate is 19.40 (16.30; 0.60 and 2.50 respectively) 


The league committee is concerned by the number of issues recently reported where jewelry, particularly studs, continues to be worn and that players with issues over nails are unaware of the protocol for wearing gloves. Below is the Guidance from England Netball but in essence no jewelry may be worn or even taped over. Nails must be short and not sharp.


If umpires take matches at the request of other umpires due to their non availability, we would ask that, as matter of courtesy, contact be made to advise the teams in question of the new arrangements before arriving at Gloucester Park to avoid any issues which might arise.  


We have been asked to clarify the arrangements for coaches and team officials during matches. The Rules of Netball state that team officials should remain at the Team Bench area at all times during matches. The Team Bench area is not specified in the rules but it taken that, unless the umpires designate an area as the "Team Bench" such as behind a goal line, then wherever the team officials and/or coaches stand at the start of a game that will constitutes the Team Bench for that match. Coaches and team officials may not move along the court side nor may they change ends after an interval.



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